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Brands outdo each other with outdoor ads

Brands outdo each other with outdoor ads

Monday, April 29, 2013 — updated on June 29, 2020

What you need to know:

  • International firms have made a beeline for Nairobi with an eye on the region for a share of the economic boom. All these companies are trying to court a growing middle class consumer base.

LG Electronics has branded Teleposta Towers, a strategy that is reflective of the bruising battle that companies are fighting in the outdoor advertising space to capture the consumer’s eye.

The South Korean giant has no links to Teleposta Towers. In fact, the local LG Electronics head office is five kilometres away at Riverside Drive. Placing a gigantic LG logo  that sends no specific message atop Teleposta Towers is 10 times more expensive than buying space for a regular billboard.

However, the signage is part of a global initiative to step up its outdoor visibility in a market that is awash with global brands. In the middle of this fight, it is getting difficult for brands that are not innovative in their outdoor advertising to get noticed.

“Competition is becoming stiffer and there is constant pressure to stand out from the crowd. You can no longer do that with a regular billboard,” said LG Electronics’ regional marketing manager Daisy Mugo.

Construction zones

A walk through Nairobi’s central business district will reveal a range of outdoor advertising strategies that were largely absent from the market a decade ago.

LED screens have been put up on Uhuru Highway and Moi Avenue.  Outdoor advertising company ENG is branding city benches while its rival, Magnate Ventures, in partnership with the county government, is branding street signage.

Construction zones across the city have become highly sought-after advertising spots. The battle has also spilled over to hypermarkets, where firms are putting their ads on LED screens.

“The outdoor advertising space is cluttered and fragmented. More and more clients are starting to ask for iconic sites that are visible and that create a buzz,” said Ms Eva Muchai, the general manager of local media-buying company, Mindshare.

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